Vervenest - At a glance

Passion for business outcome and ethical business practices.

Vervenest is a place where we celebrate vivacity and we appreciate everything that has the verve element. We do everything with a single minded focus on creating an impact with our impeccable performance. We value conventional wisdom, but always try to find better ways of doing things with new ideas and agile approach.

Training, staffing, and outsourcing project services is what we do for our software clients.

At Vervenest, we mentor software students on their path to software mastery. We provide intense training to expand their horizons and learn new techniques.

Software companies with huge demand for ready to deploy software talent, turn to Vervenest and select our trained students. After all, why settle for ordinary gems, if diamonds are available?

Vervenest provides certainty to outsourcing programs with its project services. We provide most innovative engagement models to reduce the risk of unknowns for our clients.


Why Vervenest?

Passion for creating value to business, focus on positive Outcome certainty to clients, good corporate governance, ethical business practices, collaborative ways of working.

Driven by the business impact that we create

Our focus is on the quantifiable business impact we create for our clients and how we can make it bigger than yesterday.

Flexible approach

We value conventional wisdom and are flexible enough to explore contemporary ways of working if that helps our clients. We adopt best practices to improve productivity and business efficiency.

Ethical business practice

Vervenest follows high standards of business conduct for the Company. Our code of conduct is based on good corporate governance and professional integrity. We also ensure that we work with the partners and vendors who are equally passionate about ethical business practices.

Mentors and not just trainers

Software professionals from different walks of life come to Vervenest with varying training needs. We discuss their career aspirations along with their as-is skill exposure. After careful assessment, we suggest them a training roadmap.

Our Core Values

Professional, accountable, ethical, diverse winning team

Be professional:

We demonstrate our expertise in delivering high quality training. We do not indulge in marketing hyperbole but focus on leveraging our existing core competencies while continuing to build new ones.

Be responsible:

We take responsibility for the business impact we make with our service.

Embrace differences:

We encourage different views, constructive feedback, and diversity. In the end, it helps us become better than yesterday and our clients benefit immensely with our solution.

Demonstrate integrity and ethics in everything that we do:

We are a zero tolerance company when it comes to business ethics. We work with complete honesty and do not compromise on quality of deliverables.

Win as a team:

We believe in winning as a team and create win-win situation for everyone. We help our clients win with the business outcome that we deliver. We help our investors win with the value we create for the business and the overall increase in the net worth of the company.

All-encompassing ecosystem
winning as a team

Our definition of business ecosystem is simple. Whosoever adds the value to our business is part of our ecosystem. Our ecosystem comprises alliances and partners, investors, shareholders, employees, clients, student community, vendors we work with.

At Vervenest, we understand the value our partners bring to our client engagements. We are self-sufficient to deliver the services we offer. However, certain client situations need specialized knowledge, technical expertise, local presence that our partners can offer and we welcome them.

Our approach on building partner ecosystem is business driven. We do due diligence and look for DNA matching. We work with only those partners with cultural and business synergy.

Student community is an important part of our ecosystem. Our engagement with students is not limited to the course they have enrolled for. They are welcome to connect with us for some professional guidance at any point in their career.


Bridging the skill gap and industry demand

Our solutions are driven by our core purpose. We are focused on identifying, training and providing highly skilled and ready to deploy talent for the software industry.

We act as a catalyst to bridge the gap between trainable workforce and industry demand for high quality software talent. Our training is aligned with the latest industry trends. This helps our students immensely when they actually work on projects in the real world. They pick up the threads quickly and become productive from day one.



Mentoring software professionals on their path to software mastery, expanding their horizons to put their career on fast track.

For Whom

  • Software companies with staffing needs to scale up operations to meet demanding project timeline.
  • Software companies with staffing needs for niche or premium skills.


Vervenest trained software talent pool across wider technology footprint comes with day one productivity assurance to augment your project team.

For Whom

  • Software companies with staffing needs to scale up operations to meet demanding
    project timeline.
  • Software companies with staffing needs for niche or premium skills.

Project Services

Trusted partner for companies in their outsourcing journey from proof of concept to center set up and beyond.

For Whom

  • First generation outsourcers who want to explore outsourcing feasibility.
  • Companies who are committed to outsourcing and need local knowhow of setting up operations.

Staffing Services

Providing seasoned team delivering from day one with zero billing loss commitment.

Your client gives you a responsibility of their critical systems. We understand the gravity of your business and the importance of successful project execution of your client's business. We help you with prescreened and background verified candidates trained in the skills required for your project. They are productive from day one. The result is seasoned developers working on your client projects delivering contractual services.

The service level, we commit is a zero billing loss to our client due to non-availability of the project team.

We keep track of emerging industry needs and maintain a ready to deploy talent pool through our student community. If you are looking for the niche or emerging technology skills for your project, please feel free to talk to us.

Project services

Objective advice, proof of concept to benefit realization journey maps, setting up your offshore center... your outsourcing partner in a true sense.

Vervenest with its strong training and staffing background, is your trusted outsourcing partner. If you want to augment your project team, need help with niche technologies, or need to develop a product with cutting edge technologies, we have a ready to deploy engineering talent available across the wider technology skill map.

We have an expertise to deliver your requirement across various outsourcing engagement models as follows:

One off project delivery ( either fixed price or Time and Material)

Long term software development partnership through captive center/offshore development center/Build-Operate-Transfer model

Staff augmentation partner

There are multiple ways you can make your outsourcing dreams come true. You can build your own center (captive center) or you can ask Vervenest to set up an offshore center for you and manage it for you or Vervenest will set up a center for you and transfer it to you after agreed duration ( Build-Operate-Transfer model).

International standard security measures, IP protection for your center

Vervenest brings local knowledge and business network to set up a center. Information security and protection of Intellectual Property (IP) assume vital significance in Vervenest’s business. We have adopted international guidelines for building the information security into normal business processes.

Vervenest has stringent IP protection measures in place. Vervenest takes the utmost care to ensure confidentiality of all matters relating to the IP of its clients.

Vervenest way

Doing everything possible to make the client successful

Our customer success framework is built on three principles:

Committed to deliver Business value

Our Senior Leadership team is committed to ensure a successful business outcome of the engagement for you. We hold Business Reviews with our client’s Senior Leadership team to review the progress towards the jointly agreed business outcome.


Our clients trust us with their assets. We understand that their success depends on our project delivery. We live up to their trust.


Our job is to make the customer successful and we see our success in the success of our clients and do what it takes to achieve that.

Careers – Why work with us

Presenting the World of endless opportunities for you.


Be what you want to be

At Vervenest, you will write your own success story and define your career path. We will enable you to achieve your goals. We are adaptive and appreciate people who work with us with an entrepreneurial spirit. At Vervenest, you will have greater opportunities to shape the company and your career.


No dull moments

At Vervenest, you will always hear about latest technology, emerging industry trends, interesting business challenges and solutions. You will hear about brightest ideas in meetings and most innovative approaches to problem solving. You will see the verve in everything that you will see around you.


Equal opportunities for everyone

We put ethical practices and professional conduct before everything else. What this means to you is there will always be equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability.

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